Torrie J.'s Story

Torrie J.'s Story

By Amy Hammond

Torrie J.'s Story

Torrie Jasuwan has always led a busy life. So when the real estate broker and founder of Babycycle began to feel crippling fatigue soon after a breast implant operation, she figured it was normal. She had two small children, after all, and running multiple businesses was bound to take a toll. But then came the autoimmune issues. Hair loss. Chronic dehydration. Cold sensitivity, weight gain, sleeping issues, night sweats….the symptoms piled on with no apparent end in sight. 


It was her husband Albert who ultimately decided she was experiencing Breast Implant Illness. 


“He’d done some research and noticed that my symptoms matched exactly…..and then I started finding stories about other women on social media and I believed it,” she says.


In 2019, Torrie explanted – and the next day, she felt like a different person. Today, she reports feeling ‘thousands of times better’ and wants other women to know about her experience so that they do their research before implanting. Torrie originally had planned to have a reduction and then a breast lift; it was the physician who talked her into implants. She wishes she hadn’t agreed.


“Implants are cheap – explants are not,” she says. “When I had implants I even had abnormal mammogram results and worried I could have cancer – ultimately I didn’t, but the implants made it difficult to tell for sure.”


She recommends researching doctors before choosing an explant surgeon and understanding more about the process – and she is glad that The Heal is Real exists. A place for women to turn to for information and a community that understands is a wonderful idea, she says. Ultimately, if she could make the decision again, she would not choose implants.


“I feel like I was robbed of five years of my life,” she says. “And autoimmune diseases stick around.”