Karen M.'s Story

Karen M.'s Story

By Akemi Fisher

Karen M.'s Story

“It's been two years and I am happy to say that all of my symptoms have gone away!  I've never felt so good!”

Hair loss, acne, hyperpigmentation and sleep issues are only a few of the issues that Karen experienced while suffering from breast implant illness. Karen had breast implants for 13 years and dealt with BII symptoms for 10 of those 13 years. 

Tell us about your explant journey.

Wow! Where do I begin? So I had saline implants for 13 years, of which 10 years I was sick without knowing why.  From digestive issues, to joint pain, to not be able to heal injuries, skin issues and so much more!  

My husband saw someone he followed on IG post about removing her breast implants due to all the health issues she was having.  So I did my research, read books, listened to interviews, and dug deep into my health.  I realized the implants were the cause (or at least I was hoping they were and that I finally had answers). 

I called a plastic surgeon in my area and set up a consultation.  

One month later I explanted and never felt better. 

It's been two years and I am happy to say that all of my symptoms have gone away!  I've never felt so good!

What type of implants did you have?


What surgeon did you explant with?

Dr Brian Buinewicz 

When did you begin to experience symptoms?

I think at about the 3 year mark, but not 100% sure

What symptoms did you have?

Oh boy! So many! 

Digestive issues

Food allergies

Hair loss

Joint pain



Sleep issues

Hormone issues and more! 

How did breast implants impact your life?

Other than looking fuller, nothing but sickness. 

What was surgery like for you?

Actually really easy. My doctor and his team were amazing. It only took 1.5 hours, everything was taken out and I was on my way to heal! 

How are you doing now, after explant?

AMAZING !!!!!!

What would you like women who are considering explant to know?

If you have implants and are experiencing many issues/symptoms, but are nervous for the surgery, just do it! The healing your body will go through is amazing. It's worth it. You can not put a price on your health! 

Is there anything else you would like us to know?

You can check out my whole story at https://thisisbodhi.com/breast-implant-illness/