Elizabeth C.'s Story

Elizabeth C.'s Story

By Akemi Fisher

Elizabeth C.'s Story

Both a nutritionist and women's wellness retreat leader, Elizabeth has always taken care of her body. This fact is exactly why she became so concerned last year with her rapidly declining health. Experiencing symptoms like fatigue, anxiety, intense vertigo and brain fog, Elizabeth was shocked when she happened upon the stories of two women who experienced symptoms just like hers. Those women’s stories finally gave her a name for what she was suffering from, breast implant illness.

Tell us about your explant journey.

Last year I began experiencing a lot of unexplained and seemingly unrelated symptoms. I’m a nutritionist and women’s wellness retreat leader who has always taken very good care of my health, so I became really concerned with my quickly declining health. 

Along with fatigue, depression, and anxiety, I started having strange neurological symptoms that included brain fog, forgetting words, and intense vertigo. Other concerning symptoms that I didn’t realize were related included chronic infections, horrible hip pain that kept me up at nights, low libido, hormone changes, dry mouth, dry eyes, thinning hair, difficulty swallowing, and more. 

During this time, I came upon the stories of two women I knew who had recently explanted. As I read their stories, I was shocked to realize that I was suffering from the exact same symptoms they were describing as breast implant illness. Looking back, I probably began experiencing problems about three years after implanting. I began to do more research and found the BII Facebook group that, at the time, had 99,000 members. It didn’t take long to decide that I wanted to explant as soon as possible. After researching explant doctors, I chose Dr. Parker in Las Vegas. I flew from my home in Hawaii to Nevada, and on March 4, 2020, I explanted my 6-year-old smooth saline implants. 

My surgery was very successful, and two months later I’m very happy with my results. I’m extremely grateful to have found the root of my health struggles, and I have already noticed many improvements. All of my neurological symptoms and chronic infections are gone, hormones are regulating, I have more energy, my skin and hair are producing oils again, no more difficulty swallowing, and my feeling of anxiety is gone. 

What type of implants did you have?

Mentor Smooth Saline 

What surgeon did you explant with?

Dr. Parker, Las Vegas 

When did you begin to experience symptoms?

3-4 years after implanting (had them first 6) 

What symptoms did you have?

Utis/bladder infections (chronic) 


Sinus infections (chronic) 

Blurry vision

Dry eyes

Hip pain 

Low libido 


Foggy brain 

Forgetting words 



Intolerance to cold 

Irregular periods/ low progesterone


Shortness of breath 

Dry skin 

Dry mouth 

Hormone changes 

Choking feeling/difficulty swallowing 

Hair Loss /thinning 

Brittle nails 

Slow healing/ scar easily 

Foul-smelling sweat 

How did breast implants impact your life?

Anxiety, depression, and fatigue interfered with daily life, being able to work out, and caused problems in my relationship. 

What was surgery like for you?

The surgery went very well, and the pain was very manageable. 

How are you doing now, after explant?

I have recovered very quickly and I love my results. I am two months post explant. 

What would you like women who are considering explant to know?

I have peace of mind with my decision. I never have to worry about how the implants are affecting my health or having more surgeries in the future. I can see the positive changes in my body and overall state of mind and I do not regret a thing. 

Is there anything else you would like us to know?

I highly recommend Dr. Parker and his staff.