Britney B.'s Story

Britney B.'s Story

By Akemi Fisher

Britney B.'s Story

Getting implants seemed like a simple enough decision to Britney. Having always struggled with food and the desire to lose weight to achieve the model body you see in magazines, getting breast implants was the perfect way to feel more womanly and beautiful. Unfortunately, Britney began to experience symptoms soon after implanting, and they only got worse after the birth of her first child. 

Tell us about your explant journey.

My journey started when I was 19 years old. 

At the time I was pretty insecure with my body. I had been struggling with food battles for years, always trying to lose weight and be that perfect model you see in magazines. I was often left feeling like a total failure. Trying to fit in was exhausting. Constant diets, tanning, hair, all of it. Many of the women I desire to look like had implants. I thought I would be more womanly, and beautiful if I had them too. I didn’t give it much thought at all and no research other then the size I wanted. I scheduled an appointment and boom I had a larger chest. At first, I loved the attention I received. My boyfriend thought I looked great in clothes and I just felt like my body was finally proportionate. The truth is those implants did not make me feel more beautiful deep down. They were just another mask. Later on, I’d realize inner work and true healing would be my answer to self-love and forever feeling truly beautiful inside and out. 

I was very unhealthy when I got implants and so it’s hard to say exactly when I started feeling bad but once I turned 21 I felt very ill. I was extremely tired and had severe stomach issues. 

Two years later I had my first child and that’s when I knew I needed to find answers. This was not me just being a “tired mama” I was dizzy, couldn’t breathe, and had horrible brain fog. I saw 8 doctors and it wasn’t until the last one who brought up my implants. I thought no way, but her stories stuck with me.


At this point I was a mom of two young boys, just living life dealing with all of these horrible issues. It was just my normal. I decided to see a surgeon when I developed pain in my right breast. He told me it was fine, normal, and if I had them removed I would look deflated and not attractive. I was heartbroken. I did want them out but his words really affected me moving forward with explant. 

My breathing became worse and worse as the years went by. I could barely read to my kids, simple tasks like vacuuming, and pushing my daughter on the swing became very difficult. I knew it was time. I felt in my heart my implants were causing this. I lived this now extremely toxin-free lifestyle and these implants were harming my health. I could feel it. 

I’ll never forget the day I booked my first consultation for explant. I bawled. It was emotional. I was beyond ready. 

This has been the best choice I could have ever made for myself, my kids and my future. Truly grateful for those who planted the seed and made me become aware. 

What type of implants did you have?


What surgeon did you explant with?

Dr. McKenzie

When did you begin to experience symptoms?

I always felt sick but two years later it became a problem and 4 years later I was very sick.

What symptoms did you have?

Many but mainly my breathing. 

Shortness of breath

Heart palpitations

Trouble swallowing


Brain fog

Difficulty concentrating

Severe fatigue

Stomach and food allergies 

How did breast implants impact your life?

It impacted my life in many ways, but what has always stuck out to me was the breathing issues. They were so bad. I couldn’t read for long periods to my kids. I couldn’t exercise, clean much. It affected me emotionally. I didn’t understand why I was so healthy and my body felt like it was dying. I went many years with pain in my right breast which also made daily life difficult. 

What was surgery like for you?

I was incredibly nervous prior to surgery. I was worried about my breathing and the thought of it all made me have severe anxiety. The day before surgery something happened. I felt at peace. I was so calm. It was the craziest thing. I was ready. The surgery went great! I was so grateful I had a wonderful surgeon who really took the time to help me prepare health-wise also. 

How are you doing now, after explant?

Great!!! My breathing is 100% better. Which brings me to tears even writing this. Going years that way, then waking from surgery with your first words being I can breathe is a pretty emotional experience. Some days I just sit and take this massive breath and it feels so amazing! I don’t have heart palpitations or shortness of breath at all anymore either. 

I have had some migraines some days and stomach issues but I realize my body is detoxing and this process takes time to fully heal. 

What would you like women who are considering explant to know?

Is the benefit of getting implants worth the risk involved?

Educate yourself before you make that choice. See the risks. Learn everything imaginable. What are your reasons to get them? Sit with this awhile and ask yourself if these implants will fill that space for you or not. 

Is there anything else you would like us to know?

I am just beyond grateful for this journey. At first, I learned about BII and beat myself up forever getting them. For following society’s standards of what beauty is. How could I let myself do this? No question asked? What was I thinking? Why didn’t I just love and accept myself? 

I’ve had to realize I’ve changed and give myself that grace. It’s been quite the journey and I’m hopeful many women will see the truth, educate themselves and make an informed decision. I’m so thankful for the many spreading awareness. It makes a difference so thank you!