Alexandra T.'s Story

Alexandra T.'s Story

By Akemi Fisher

Alexandra T.'s Story

Alexandra’s breast implant illness symptoms appeared only one year after she underwent breast augmentation surgery. Suffering from symptoms like Lichen planopilaris, facial dermatitis and Raynaud's syndrome, Alexandra’s journey back to health was anything but easy. “With all my symptoms and taking care of my 4 year old daughter, everything was taking my energy. Breast implant illness stole my life for 10 years.”

Tell us about your explant journey.

I'm doing really well and the operation went really very well, where what it is complicated is that at my second surgery they made me a spinning to bring my breasts closer and when I had my third breast augmentation he had not managed to remove all the threading so he had to make a larger incision to be able to go up to my sides of the breasts and my collarbones to remove the remaining thread and be sure that absolutely no longer remains capsule debris during the operation. And he put the drains exactly there, which is why I have extremely sore breasts, but otherwise I'm doing really well!

I still had the lymph nodes swollen and since removing it from my implant, my lymph nodes have almost disappeared.

I have no more pain in the blow, nor in the back and nis in the hips. I no longer feel extreme fatigue despite the medication he is giving me, so I can't imagine when my convalescence will be over !!

I finally feel myself and finally free.

What type of implants did you have?

Mentor saline 600cc high profile

What surgeon did you explant with?

Dr. Jacques Haddad

When did you begin to experience symptoms?

1 year later 

What symptoms did you have?

Lichen planopilaris

Facial dermatitis

Raynaud's syndrome


Celiac disease

Edema all over my body

Autoimmune symptoms such as lupus & polyarthritis

How did breast implants impact your life?

I was the administrative director of two construction companies and my body was so sick that I lost my hair all over the place, I had major depression, I had to quit my job and be on sick unemployment.

When my sick unemployment ended, I had to find a new job. I became a massage therapist, it was my only option because it made me move and I could do my schedule.

With all my symptoms and taking care of my 4 year old daughter, everything was taking my energy. Breast implant illness stole my life for 10 years.

What was surgery like for you?

Very well the surgeon succeeded in making a beautiful total capsulectomy en bloc and left no residue.

How are you doing now, after explant?

I am at the very beginning of my convalescence, but I can tell you that I already feel much better. My brain is finally able to think normally.

What would you like women who are considering explant to know?

You are beautiful no matter, the size, the shape, or thickness of your breasts. We are all beautiful and the real beauties are within us. 

Breast implants are really toxic and your health is much more important than a magazine breast. Love U girlz, we are beautiful!

Is there anything else you would like us to know?

Yes!! I hope you keep posting our stories, because breast implant placement is set to become illegal all over the world.

Thank you for your interest in my story, it warms my heart.