What is En Bloc Capsulectomy?

What is En Bloc Capsulectomy?

By Akemi Fisher

What is En Bloc Capsulectomy?








Likely your best choice with explant

Implant removal patients suffering from breast implant illness can feel confident in their surgeon’s ability to remove the entire implant thanks to en bloc capsulectomy. EBC’s motto might as well be ‘no smidge of implant left behind,’ as it involves the breast implant and its surrounding capsule being completely eradicated.


Here’s how it works: When breast implants are inserted into the body, scar tissue forms. Imagine a fence protecting the body from intruders. This is the gist of the scar tissue’s existence, but in this case, the implant itself is the foreign invader. The body deals with this as well as it can – by molding a protective capsule. En bloc capsulectomy is a type of breast implant removal that involves taking out not just the offending breast implant, but the capsule surrounding it as well.


Can we just stop for a moment and consider the fact that the human body reacts so strongly to the presence of breast implants that it builds a capsule around them of scar tissue? A woman’s reason for implant removal is personal, but we have to bet that this one is near the top of the collective list. Occasionally, so much mold has built up on this tissue that it actually hardens. 


After a few hours of surgery, your breast implants and the corresponding scar tissue could be wheeled away atop a surgical cart, visible reminders of how many a woman’s body does not welcome saline or silicone implants. 


The en bloc capsulectomy procedure is often advantageous for the following reasons:

  • By removing both capsule and implant, it’s less likely that the implant will rupture. This is a very real fear, ladies. Silicone can harm the body. Imagine for a moment that an implant is pierced during surgery, releasing a sludge of silicone to be absorbed. En bloc capsulectomy protocol  takes a wide berth around the implant, removing the capsule and implant in one fell swoop.
  • This type of operation often requires a smaller incision. This decreases recovery time.
  • Whether you opt for a breast lift or not, expect full recovery to happen within months. However, many women report that they feel better immediately now that the offending implants have been removed.
  • Often done in tandem with a breast lift, an en bloc capsulectomy allows for the forming of what is called a breast mound in women who have enough tissue. That’s right – you may be able to have boobs even without the implants!
  • Qualifying for this surgery depends on the extent and shape of the scar tissue present.
  • Those suffering from Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL) are candidates for en bloc capsulectomy. This cancer of the immune system has been linked to textured implants. After surgery, healing usually begins.

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