The National Breast Implant Registry

The National Breast Implant Registry

By Akemi Fisher

The National Breast Implant Registry








The Club Your Implants Need to Join


Have breast implants? -If you haven’t already, it’s time to join the club: specifically, the National Breast Implant Registry. The membership perks are huge: You’ll be a trendsetter. Registry members are part of the solution that may uncover the reality of breast implant illness. 


Your individual experience matters. If you are experiencing symptoms of breast implant illness, sharing breast implant illness struggles among friends and colleagues may convince them not to undergo augmentation. It’s important that people hear your challenges firsthand. However, to have them heard on a national scope and to actually spark change, it’s paramount that you be part of the registry. Here’s why.


  • The database collects information about procedures and devices, and it’s used as a research tool to reveal trends. That’s where the ‘trendsetter’ comes into play. If you care about the safety of your breast implants and want future patients to have the best information available regarding breast augmentation risk factors, you’ll be part of the registry.
  • Did you know that Big Brother is likely tracking your boobs right now?  This is actually a good thing. Every single silicone implant procedure is required by the Federal Drug Administration to be tracked. If health developments occur, you’ll be easily found. Each participating patient is given an NBIR number, so your personal information is not immediately visible. 
  • When it comes to research, examining a large sample size is extremely important in order to draw sound conclusions. Therefore, the more information is included in the registry, the better. Information from each procedure is included, as well as any complications a patient suffers.

Not sure whether your surgeon entered your information in the registry? Ask. Keep in mind that your personal information will be kept safe. Though it is possible to opt-out, we implore you to participate.

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